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This is the time of year where most electric utility tree maintenance takes place. National tree companies like Nelson, Asplundh, and Trees Inc patrol the local power line easements indescriminately trimming tree limbs within 10 feet of power lines (ususlly the top lines on the poles). This creates an incredible amount of distress with tree owners worried about the future of their trees.  Unfortunately the tree companies put themselves between the proverbial "rock and a hard place."

Here's what makes this bad for everyone: First, these companies bid for contracts with the utility companies which ensures that pricing is ultra competitive and rock bottom. As a result, these companies employ as few "skilled" workers as possible to keep their costs down and you will rarely find an arborist involved. Most of the cost is in purchasing and maintaining the specialized bucket trucks and chippers needed to perform the task. Next, the utility company requires a clear zone at least 10 feet from lines. That space is their "property" and anything outside of that belongs to the tree owner, more or less. As a result, tree companies diligently avoid "trespassing" and incurring more expense by trimming beyond that 10 feet - even if sound tree trimming practice would require it.

As a result, tree limbs are left as stubs and not trimmed back to the next limb junction. Many bad things result from stub cutting including poor branching, decay and insect infestation. Homeowners that are worried about their trees should have a certified arborist do an assessment to identify any issues resulting from utility pruning. This is usually very inexpensive and gives the owner good information to make decisions about their trees. The result is often a healthier tree with an improved shape and extended lifespan.

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