Certified Arborist Tree Trimming Dallas
Most folks from out of town think we have a long growing season here in Dallas/Fort Worth.  The fact is, we really have two shorter seasons.  As the hot summer weather breaks in September we enter our second growing season.

That makes now a good time to do several things for trees now.  Fertilization should be done now to prepare the tree for winter and get a jump on next spring.  Trees will absorbe and store the nutrients over winter and produce a robust canopy in the Spring. 

Now is also a good time to plant trees to get them established a bit befor winter.  Once the soil cools in Winter, roots will grown more slowly so now is a goiod time to plant. 

Systemic insecticides should also be applied now since they will be more quickly absorbed into the tree.  This activity will slow after Halloween so now is a good time to apply it.

Things you do now will yield dividends for your trees next spring.  Have Heritage Tree Service of Texas plant or take care of your trees this Fall.

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