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Most folks feel that Dallas/Fort Worth has a long growing season.  As we have certainly seen this Summer, our growing season is more accurately described as two short seasons (March thru June and mid-Sept thru October).  During the Summer heat trees go "dormant" to survive the stress that Summer heat puts on them.

As a result, there are two good times to fertilize trees.  For our area, we recommend a fertilization beginning around April 1 and another beginning around September 15.  These times coincide with the growing seasons and, in our experience yield the best growth rates in trees.  The types of fertilizers used will depend on the types of trees, location and age of the tree.

It is important to note that in no circumstances should "weed-n-feed" products be used on trees.  The weed killing chemicals in them can severely stunt the growth of trees by damaging feeder roots.  

Heritage Tree Service of Texas can set up and manage the fertilization of your trees to maxi  
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