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In the tree business, "supplemental support," refers to
man-made hardware used to provide support in addition the tree's natural strength.  Types of issues requiring supplemental support include cracked trunks, narrow forks, internal decay, and hazardous overhangs.  These can be the result of natural causes, like weather, or human activity, such as damage from heavy equipment.  With supplemental support trees keep their shape years longer than they would without it.

Cabling is when a steel cable is connected to cantilevered trunks to prevent sagging or breakage.  It is especially good when trees have multiple leaning trunks that have a high risk of splitting.  Heritage Tree Service of Texas uses Extra High Strength (EHS) cable and state-of-the-art hardware to secure trees.

Bracing is essentially bolting the tree together when a crack or a split occurs.  In 99 percent of cases where the break is immediately fixed, the tree will be stronger than before the break and will see few long term effects.  Heritage Tree Service of Texas uses the highest quality hardware for bracing, which results in zero failures.

If you feel you have a tree that is at risk of breaking or splitting, give us a call to provide a determination of risk and prescribe a solution if necessary. 

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