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Fall and Spring can be stormy times here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  These seasonal storms can damage your trees and leave them susceptible to future problems like insect infestation and decay.  Following these steps will ensure that your trees recover from damage more quickly and will preserve the structure and health of the tree.

1) Check your trees. After a storm involving high winds or snow (which can be very damaging to evergreen trees) check them to make sure there is no damage to the tree.  Broken branches left in the canopy often put additional stress on other branches and can lead to additional damage by breaking or bending lower limbs.  It is quite common for significant damage up in the canopy to go unnoticed by the owner. 

2) Get an assessment.  Have a tree professional provide an assment and quote for repair of the tree.  Certified arborists understand the risks of damage, necessary corrections, and how it will affect the growth and shape of your tree.  They also can usually provide a quote for making the repairs.

3) Have the work done ASAP.  Do the work your self or have a tree professional do it.  Work performed by untrained personnel, often leaves untreated scars and branch stubs that can decay and intruduce damaging insects and fungus into the tree.  Remember that not taking care of this quickly can cause additional structural damage to the tree and result in unnecessary expense for repair. 

DO NOT climb a tree unless you are trained in practices and techniques to safely do so.

4) Get a picture of the future.  Trained profeessionals can give you a prognosis - which includes any irreparable damage and how the repairs will affect the future health and structure of the tree.  Significant damage may involve multiple "phases" of future work to completely address the needs of the tree.  This can often be provided in writing.

From experience we have found that the expense of immediate repair of the tree is very reasonable and saves more in the long run.  If you experience tree damage in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, have Heritage Tree Service of Texas provide you a free assessment and quote for repair.
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